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Want to hear how Connecting Henry has impacted our youth?

“Before coming to S.W.A.G., I could not see a future for myself, and it was like looking into darkness. I would think that I didn’t deserve a bright future because of my struggles with school. I felt like achieving this one goal was impossible. I tried several approaches to getting my GED, but none of them gave me what I needed.” ~ Destiny Graham, S.W.A.G. Graduate 

“I appreciate the time and consideration you give in making a comfortable environment for students to learn. It’s giving us another chance in learning.”  LaShae’ Shelton, S.W.A.G. Graduate

“Thank you for being a math teacher that challenges me in math. I want to thank you for breaking math down where I can understand it better.” ~ David Hambrick, Former S.W.A.G. Student

S.W.A.G. Graduate Justin R. states “ I owe it all to you. I don’t know how you managed to squeeze 3 years of school in my head in that short period of time. I wish all of my high school teachers was as great as you. Thank you so much.” 

"At SWAG, the teachers break everything down for you and really invest in each student. They always go above and beyond and always make sure we have what we need to succeed." ~ Rebecca Swanson, S.W.A.G. Graduate

“I want to say thank you all so much. If I wasn’t here I don’t know what I’ll be doing. Now I have a chance to do better things in life.” Jacoya Yarborough,  Former S.W.A.G. Student


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